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Blusterous is an independent wind farm developer, developing 100MW of on-shore wind farms in Great Britain.

Blusterous is an independent wind farm developer, developing 100MW of on-shore wind farms in Great Britain.

We're Blusterous

A British-based, independent on-shore wind farm development brand.

Operating from the charming coastal town of Bournemouth, England, our pioneering spirit drives an independent on-shore wind farm venture that proudly hails from the UK.

Within our headquarters, a confluence of visionary Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and savvy Financiers forms an industry-leading team, passionately devoted to the realisation of 100MW of utility scale on-shore wind farms across the United Kingdom. This ambitious endeavour stands as our unwavering response to His Majesty’s Government earnest call for Energy Sovereignty and the resolute pursuit of Net Zero.

Central to our mission is a deeply ingrained commitment to the power of community engagement, reverberating throughout the entire supply chain. We strive tirelessly to create meaningful connections with the communities where we operate, ensuring they receive the maximum economic and social benefits that flow from our projects.

Strategically situated in regions characterised by significant industrial power demand, our initial sites hold the promise of providing energy-intensive organisations with a reliable and cleaner supply of electricity. As a result, they stand resiliently prepared to navigate the future with confidence, braced against the rising tides of stringent ESG regulations and taxes.

At our core is a fervent belief in shaping a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. This journey begins with the winds we harness, as we work diligently to fulfil our nations aspirations for a brighter, carbon-neutral future.

Meet the Team

James McDonnell

Managing Director

Ibrahim Soua

Director of Investor Relations

Travis Woodward

Head of Project Development

Rahul Firoda

Project Director (Middle East)

Paul Senn

Head of Investor Relations (EMEA)

Tara Lane

Office Manager

Muhammad Zahid

ETS Southeast Asia Lead

Lily Meredith


Unlock the Power of Your Land

Amidst the scenic landscapes of Great Britain, we set our sights on discovering new locations for an incredible purpose. If you are a landowner or represent one, drawn by the allure of renewable energy and a sustainable future, we warmly encourage you to join us on the great societal transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

By connecting with us, you can understand the inspiring prospects of this year’s pipeline, where the potential of your land can become a vital force in shaping a brighter, greener tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and let your land be a part of a remarkable transform towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable world, forward-thinking organisations are already seizing a remarkable opportunity—the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This powerful initiative allows companies to showcase their unfaltering dedication to decarbonisation while actively contributing to the reduction of emissions. By considering a PPA, organisations not only demonstrate their environmental stewardship but also play a crucial role in driving positive change for our planet. Embrace the potential of a PPA and be a driving force in the momentous undertaking towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Embrace ESG Investment with Confidence

The UK’s energy sector has long been a beacon of a race for foreign investors, boasting a rich history of successful ventures and promising opportunities. As this critical industry undergoes massive changes, our dynamic and agile position allows us to respond swiftly and make informed decisions without constraints. We’re leading the world of ESG investment with providence and are ready to seize the exciting possibilities that are ahead. Join us on this exciting pilgrim, and together, let’s navigate the evolving landscape of the energy sector with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

Career Opportunities

We’re thrilled to share that our 2023 Hiring Strategy has had an exceptionally positive start, focusing on recruiting top-notch talent for vital and senior roles within our company.

As our headcount grows, we take immense pride in being able to offer unique, long-term career paths that promise excitement, development and prosperity. Our commitment to overall company growth remains steadfast, and we warmly welcome you to be a part of our thriving culture of success.

Interested in exploring exciting career opportunities?

What are you waiting for? We invite you to reach out and connect with our talented Talent Acquisition Manager to learn more about our current live vacancies.